At a glance

Consistent terminology made available!

Designed by its own users, the terminology management system TippyTerm® helps you create, manage and apply corporate wording wherever text is created within your company.

“Instructions of use” or “Operating manual”?

“Barcode” or “Product code”?

“Letter” or “Mailpiece”?

“Message of change”, “Information of change”, or better “Change notification”?

… just to mention a few examples of ambiguous wording that may lead to confusion during project communication, teaching, and other important information processes.

Corporate wording, an important factor for any successful information flow

Consistent terminology can save up to 50% of project cost, due to:

  • Simplifying internal and external corporate communication in all departments and strengthening the corporate identity – from business reports, organizational guidelines and project reports to the customer communication (avoidance of ambiguities) and the product documentation required by law (clear text based on simple and consistent phrasing).
  • Consistent translations by avoiding confusion.
  • Higher reusability of text, especially if translated into many languages.

Terminologically clean and clear product documentation can be a company flagship, a decision-making competitive advantage in case of comparable products related to the competition.

Authoring support: TippyTerm® brings corporate wording to your text cursor

TippyTerm® supports all text-based applications via the Windows clipboard. Valid terms can be selected and are then pasted automatically at the cursor position. Coherent terminology searches and corrections are possible with any software application that expects text, e.g., when typing bills of materials, text within drawings, presentations, e-mails, or web forms. Based upon Unicode, TippyTerm® can link preferred terms between all languages defined by you.

Garbage collection: TippyTerm® checks existing text

Any existing text can be checked by TippyTerm® against all terms to be avoided. Preferred terms can be suggested automatically.

Detailed list of features


  • Network and Unicode capability
  • Centralized data management in real-time
  • Intuitive authoring support: copy & select principle
  • Integrated rights management: responsible persons, users

Terminology management:

  • Manual acquisition of terms, including additional, free definable fields
  • Import and export of terminologies in various file formats
  • Extracting words from documents with the function TermExtract
  • Term proposal function

Translation support:

  • Definable source and target languages
  • Assignment between preferred terms of different languages

Terminology check:

  • The function WordCheck checks existing documents of various file formats in Microsoft® Word against a defined blacklist.

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