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The Terminology Management System

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  • 21 Feb

    Consistent terminology made available!

    Designed by its own users, the terminology management system TippyTerm® helps you create, manage and apply corporate wording wherever text is created within your company.

    TippyTerm® supports all text-based applications via the Windows clipboard. Valid terms can be selected and are then pasted automatically at the cursor position. Coherent terminology searches and corrections are possible with any software application that expects text, e.g., when typing bills of materials, text within drawings, presentations, e-mails, or web forms. Based upon Unicode, TippyTerm® can link preferred terms between all languages defined by you.

    Read more » or download » a full functional & free of cost 30-day-trial version of TippyTerm®!

    Main Features

    Autocomplete for allowed terms at the cursor position
    Works with all MS Windows® applications accepting text from clipboard
    Centralised Data Management
    User management
    Suggestion Management
    Unicode compatible
    Translation Management
    Import/Export of Terminology

    Customer Testimonials

    We’re consistently amazed by the power and simplicity of TippyTerm and we keep finding new things that it can do, and does do. It really has been a good product for us, and we’re probably not even using half of what we know it can do, much less what we don’t know.
    I am finding more and more use for TippyTerm every day. I am amazed at how powerful the application or just the small bar on top can be and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others that are attempting to do the right thing in regards to licensing.
    TippyTerm has a fantastic TermExtract feature! I also love the fact that the SysKon developers always take my comments on board to make the software better with each version.
    After almost a year of using TippyTerm, we are very happy with the whole thing. I have to say this is one of the greatest tools concerning terminology management we’ve ever used. Small, simple and very effective.